Zombie Resurrection 1

Zombie Resurrection 1
Series: Zombie Resurrection, Book 1
Genres: Fiction, Novella, Postapocalyptic, Zombies
Publisher: Quincy Simpson
Publication Year: 2014

The start of the Zombie Resurrection series.

About the Book

It was just another Monday morning when the resurrected dead tossed the world into a dystopian zombie apocalypse.

Zombie Resurrection lets you look in on the inhabitants of this world gone ary. In this first episode of this post apocalyptic dystopian nightmare, we follow a disillusioned pastor, a lovestruck college student, and a cautious computer programmer as they are all trying to just survive.

On the college campus, Carl and Betty are studying for a class. However, the next minute they are running from bloodthirsty zombies bent on devouring them. Will they be able to survive?

Computer programmer Mary and salesman Dexter have to flee the zombies and get out of the city when everyone else has the same idea. Will the living dead end their lives like they have ended the work day?

Reverend Jeremiah Jones began the day wanting to sleep through boring ministry presentations, but now he is attempting to lead hundreds to safety.

This is the authors contribution to the free zombie apocalypse books for kindle. I encourage you to check back and download others in the series.

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