Odd Stories #1 – Seeing The Master Work

Fotolia_38998800_Subscription_Monthly_MIt’s about time, I thought to myself as I drove on that highway on the way to Atlanta Georgia for the big spiritual awakening conference. I could hardly contain my enthusiasm as I thought about Bishop Carlton Short and the other powerful preachers of the Gospel.

I needed a word, no I needed to see God’s working with my eyes and feel it with my hands. It had been twenty years since I had been on vacation from preaching and now I longed for the opportunity to be recharged.

As I drove I saw an elderly woman in a car stopped on the side of the road. She was trying to muscle the spare tire out of the trunk in a way that demonstrated that she was never going to get it out.

I looked at my watch and saw that there was no way that I could stop, help her, and still make it to the opening festivities. I thought for a moment about speeding up and passing by, but as a preacher, I had been trained to help others who were in need.

I pulled the car over a jolt hit me as the woman smiled with a seemingly sinister sneer. “Thank you young man, if you can help me I will give you whatever you a wish.” She said.

That sounded odd. I laughed, “What are you a genie?”

“Not a genie, but I can give you one wish.”

I picked up the tire and began putting it on the car. She said, “You look dressed like you are on the way somewhere, maybe you wish that you could be going somewhere else. Maybe Las Vegas, sin city is always a great place to go.”

“No, I am on the way to a spiritual conference, you see, I am a pastor.” I said while I looked back at her.

The woman smiled, “Oh, I just gave a wish to a pastor the other day, he wanted a bigger church. Can I do that for you?”

I smiled politely for it seemed like this woman was totally off her rocker. I then jokingly said, “I just want to see my Master’s work and actions up close, let me see that.”

I then finished putting the last nut on the car to hold the wheel in place. “I would shake your hand but it is a bit messy, I hope you have an uneventful trip.”

“Your wish will be granted.”

“Yeah…OK…God bless.”

I thought about my wish desiring to see the Master work. I encouraged myself with the idea that perhaps my work that day to help that woman was the work of God.

I jumped in the car and saw that I would only miss a little bit of the conference if I hurry. I was driving a little faster than I should have. As the sun set on the horizon there was a hard left turn on the road.

I couldn’tmake it. I hit a tree head on and took my flight to the hereafter.

I opened my eyes and saw a being that looked to be about 9 feet tall. His body was proportioned not like basketball players, but like a football player. His eyes were deep crimson and his face while handsome had the look of pure evil.

“You said you wanted to see your Master at work.” The being said.

“Y…Yes…” I said.

Then the being grabbed me and flung me. I flew into a pit of flames where my voice arose with a multitude of others that was weeping and yelling.

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