Walking Through The Walking Dead Comic #1

Spoilers are all up in here so if you don’t want to know, then you don’t need to read.

Ok. so I like the TV show and thought I would just read the comics. so Rick wakes up after a coma and things are relatively calm. He falls down and calls for the nurse, but no one comes. He falls down, waits a bit, and then finally decides to go asking around. What the hell is going on?

Well he finds, I think the cafeteria and decides to open it up to see what’s up. And he sees a ton of zombies all up in there, and when they see him they see the dinner bell chiming and head on over. Rick realizes that he better get up out of there and takes a run. But one zombie gets to him and they struggle

Then they fall down the stairs. luckily the zombies neck breaks, but Rick is all right. rick needed to learn rule number one of a zombie story which is, if the door is shut, don’t open it. Well Rick still don’t know what is going on, but he does what we all do when mess is going on. We head home, he shows up and sees what looks like the grass overrun. In fact it looks like a war zone.

walkingdead1Well Rick head in his home, see nothing, and then leaves and heads on out. While he walking around a little kid hits him in the back of the head with a shovel. And that is how we are introduced to little Duane and his Daddy Morgan. Rick ain’t having a great day. he wakes up from a coma and hits the ground. He gotta have wobbly legs. And then he gets in a fight with a zombie that ends up with them falling down the stairs. And now he gets knocked out cold by a little kid with a shovel.

So they carry Rick into the house they staying in. And Rick wakes up. Duane has mistaken Rick for a zombie. Which makes sense in that that is all they seen for a while. So now this little bit seems to be a device to let Rick, and us, know what happened to cause all this mess. Turns out there was a zombie apocalypse and everyone herded up into large cities where they could be “protected.” Yeah right. So Rick reasons that his wife Lori and his son Carl done headed to Lori’s parents house in Atlanta to be “protected.”

Yeah, there is a very contagious disease going around, let’s go to Atlanta. Well rick is going to go and Morgan seems to agree that Lori and Carl and probably safe being protected by the authorities. But before Rick goes he takes Morgan and Duane to the police station where he grabs a few guns and allows Morgan to grab a few. He then gives Morgan a car and he takes one of them to Atlanta.

so now we leave With Rick on the Way to Atlanta and Morgan and Duane on the way back to the house they staying in.

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